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韩式烧烤,全新来袭 All-you-can-eat, Korean BBQ

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Korean BBQ € 24.95 for Monday to Thursday
Korean BBQ € 26.95 for Friday to Sunday and Holidays

Karaoke on-site
Make in advance your reservation and get a free cup of soft drink.

【菜单】/ Menu
肉类:五花肉,牛肉,鸡翅,大肠 / Meat: Pork, beaf, chicken wings and more
海鲜:虾球,鱿鱼,鱼肉 / Seafood: Shrimp, fish and more
蔬菜:土豆,蘑菇,红薯 / Vegetable: Potato, mushroom, sweet potato and more
主食:石锅拌饭,大酱汤 / Dishes: Bibimbap and Doenjang jjigae

【预定方式】/ Reserve now
麻辣诱惑鹿特丹 / Spicy Temptation Rotterdam
电话/Tel:010 7370127
地址/Address:Westersingel 4, Rotterdam, Netherlands