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麻辣诱惑又出惊喜新品,带您在鹿特丹领略家乡风味!(辣味篇)New Dishes Launch (Spicy)

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Bellow are some of our experiences, happy moments, funny stories and more. Cooking is our passion and our mission is to share all of it with you!


香辣兔肉 Spicy Rabbit
Spicy rabbit is a traditional Sichuan cuisine. The rabbit is fried right to the moment that keeps all the juicy inside the meat, supplemented with various spices, herds, and flavorings. It will offer you an unusual experience of spice.

香辣仔排 Spicy Spareribs
Our Chef picks the top-quality spareribs, fries them with the authentic Chinese spices, and makes them hot, juicy, crispy, and delicious.

担担面 Dandan Noodles
Danan Noodles is a quintessential Sichuan cuisine that boils noodles in a chili-laced broth, fried with spicy minced meat, and then combines with vinegar and sesame sauce.

口水鸡 Cooked Chicken in Sichuan Sauce
This is a traditional Sichuan side dish. The chicken broth that used to stew the chicken is the essence of this cuisine. Thus, our chef also makes the broth by himself, seizing the flavor of chicken to the largest extend. Then he takes the boiled chicken out of the broth and puts it on a plate, supplemented with various condiments.

红烧羊蝎子 Spicy Lamb Spine
Spine is the most tender and nourishing part of the lamb. Through years of cooking experiences, our chef can keep the tenderness of the lamb spine to the greatest degree. Supplemented with authentic Sichuan spice, this cuisine will provide you with a whole new spicy experience.

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