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请君体验麻辣诱惑的原创魅力 Fusion Cuisine Launch

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Bellow are some of our experiences, happy moments, funny stories and more. Cooking is our passion and our mission is to share all of it with you!


削面手撕鸡 Stewed Chicken with Shaved Noodles
This dish amazingly combines shaved noodles from Shanxi province and stewed chicken from Sichuan province in China.
Shaved noodles are legendary knife-cut noodles in Shanxi. The chef holds a large lump of dough in one hand and uses the other hand clutching a special knife to shave the dough very fast. The noodles are then cut from the dough and threw directly into a pot of boiled water, this special method making the noodles very chewy.
Stewed chicken is a traditional Sichuan cuisine, which is special for its golden appearance and tenderness. It tastes spicy and a bit sour, which also gives it a special fresh flavor.
How will Stewed Chicken with Shaved Noodles, combining these two amazing Chinese traditional cuisines, taste? You are more than come to Spicy Temptation and have a try!

小笼豆腐煲 Drawer Tofu
This fusion dish uses home-made nutritious chicken soup as the broth and then add fried Japanese tofu and fresh shrimps to further stew. This surprising combination provides a different, healthy, and delicious flavor.

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