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Bellow are some of our experiences, happy moments, funny stories and more. Cooking is our passion and our mission is to share all of it with you!

松鼠桂鱼 Squirrel-shaped Fish

Squirrel-shaped fish is an original Jiangsu Cuisine. The fresh fish is fried to the perfect point, which makes the surface crispy and the inside tender. Then the chef spreads specially-made sweet and sour sauce over the fried fish to generate the absolute fresh taste.

就在 麻辣诱惑鹿特丹 / Spicy Temptation Rotterdam
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请君体验麻辣诱惑的原创魅力 Fusion Cuisine Launch

削面手撕鸡 Stewed Chicken with Shaved Noodles
This dish amazingly combines shaved noodles from Shanxi province and stewed chicken from Sichuan province in China.

麻辣诱惑又出惊喜新品,带您在鹿特丹领略家乡风味!(鲜味篇)New Dishes Launch (Non-spicy)

候炆小排 Hou Wen Ribs
This cuisine is originally from Guangdong province, China, cooked by stewing the ribs with the chu hou sauce, a special fermented soybean sauce.

麻辣诱惑又出惊喜新品,带您在鹿特丹领略家乡风味!(辣味篇)New Dishes Launch (Spicy)

香辣兔肉 Spicy Rabbit
Spicy rabbit is a traditional Sichuan cuisine. The rabbit is fried right to the moment that keeps all the juicy inside the meat, supplemented with various spices, herds, and flavorings. It will offer you an unusual experience of spice.

烤烤烤,犒劳你的胃 Newly Arrived Roasted Dishes


风味烤羊腿 Roast Leg of Lamb
Roast leg of lamb is a well-known traditional dish in Mongolia. Mongolian serves it when important guests come and visit. After pickled with various spices, herbs, and condiments, the leg of the lamb will be baked slowly in a conventional oven to make the leg of lamb extremely tasty, juicy and tender.