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  • 麻辣香锅
    Dry Hot Pot

    Freshly hand picked seafood, beef, pork, and chicken, served with seanonal vegetables and home made sauces

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  • 风味烤羊腿
    Roast Leg of Lamb

    Mongolian style, roasted in a conventional oven to seize all the juice and keep the tender texture of the lamb

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  • 松鼠桂鱼
    Squirrel-shaped Fish

    Amazing combination of crisp and tender, sweet and sour

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  • 乌江烤鱼
    Chongqing BBQ Sea Bass

    Fresh, spicy, chunky, intense, and fiery, all at once

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  • 小笼豆腐煲
    Drawer Tofu

    Excellent nourishing flavor from nutritious chicken soup, fresh shrimps and silken Japanese tofu

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麻辣是一种诱惑 Spicy is a Temptation

关于我们 About Us


Spicy is a temptation. We would like to show you this temptation by providing authentic Sichuan cuisines with fresh ingredients, superior cooking skills, and professional services.


  • 蜀酒浓无敌,江鱼美可求
    The alcohol from Sichuan is incredibly intense;
    the fish cuisine from Sichuan is delicious.

    杜甫 Du Fu
    唐代诗人 Poet of the Tang Dynasty
  • 将传统的中国麻辣美食带入欧洲,
    We'd like to introduce traditional Chinese Sichuan cuisine to Europe, making more people enjoy the temptation of spicy.

    掌柜 Owner

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麻辣是一种诱惑 - Spicy is a Temptation

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